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At Clear Image we strive to give the best customer service. There are several services we offer our customers that set us apart from the rest. We have listed some of these below. Please call if you have any questions.

1. We can make most Rx's the same day with our in house lab. There are many products now that do require more time to process, however even in those cases we can usually have your glasses ready in 2-4 days.

2. We will deliver eyeglasses to a large portion of eastern NC, and the best part is we do not charge for this service. We will also pick up and repair eyeglasses upon request.

3. We will visit any rest homes in the area to make adjustments to eyeglasses. We offer this service to everyone whether they purchased the eyeglasses from us or not. And again there is no charge for this service.

4. We also collect used eyeglasses for the local Lion's Club.

5. We also offer curbside service for adjustment and repairs. Just call when you drive up to the store.

6. We can arrange for your eye exam with an independent Doctor of Optometry next door. Give us a call.

7. We will cut new lenses for your own frame. You are not required to leave the frame with us. Simply place the order and if we do not have the lenses already in stock, we will call you when they arrive. It takes approximately 30 minutes to fit the lenses to the frame.